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The path through value creation is demanding.  Access experts to help define attainable objectives, assess progress, overcome challenges, accurately quantify strategic opportunities and capture financial resources.  We’ll help you reach your destination.

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Latest Articles

A New Landscape?

The Biden White House issued National Strategy To Develop Statistics For Environmental-Economic Decisions: A U.S. System of Natural Capital Accounting And Associated Environmental-Economic Statistics (“Report” or “Strategic Plan”) in January 2023. The Report represents another significant Biden Administration initiative – complementing important climate-related provisions of the November 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal and August 2022 Inflation […]

Power of Experience

My family owns property in an area of Northern Colorado which was seriously threatened by the 2020 Cameron Peak Fire.  The Cameron Peak Fire, the State of Colorado’s largest fire in history, burned 208,913 acres of Arapahoe and Roosevelt National Forests in Northern Colorado’s Larimer and Jackson Counties between August 12, 2020 and January 12, […]

Climate Innovation Forum June 2021

I attended the three-day online Climate Innovation Forum which commenced June 29, 2021 and was organized by the firm Climate Action.  The session provided outstanding, authoritative commentary and panel discussions regarding many important issues and factors surrounding climate change – primarily but not exclusively relating to the United Kingdom’s perspective.  Climate Action has slated multiple additional […]

Postsecondary Return on Investment

What forces compel today’s high school graduates to attend particular colleges and pursue specific careers – passions, aptitudes, geography, genealogy, social networks, social media influences, guidance counseling, luck, economic prospects? I was fortunate to grow up near the campus of an outstanding Midwestern U.S. college – Purdue University. My father and mother owned and operated a […]

Progress Ahead of Partisanship

The White House convened a conference on Social Security in December of 1998.  A December 4, 1998 memo  issued in advance of the conference included the following statement from President Clinton: “We must act now to tackle this tough, long-term challenge. We must strengthen Social Security, and I believe we can do it in a […]

Pension Promise to Oneself

Stephen Sexauer and Laurence Siegel penned a most useful and practical retirement-planning saving and investment article in “A Pension Promise to Oneself” in Volume 69 Number 6 of the Financial Analysts Journal (“FAJ”). Readers will comprehend the authors’ distinctions and comparisons of defined benefit (“DB”) and defined contribution (“DC”); noting that DC plan participants can […]

Thoughts On Equity Crowdfunding Portals

I recently completed a read of “Equity Crowdfunding for Investors, A Guide to Risk, Returns, Regulations, Funding Portals, Due Diligence, and Deal Terms”, authored by David M. Freedman and Matthew R. Nutting. The book provides timely contextual descriptions, investment process education and recommendations, and resources for investors in advance of the May 2016 operational launch […]

Future of Jobs

A January 2016 World Economic Forum report entitled The Future of Jobs: Employment, Skills and Workforce Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, authored by Till Alexander Leopold, Vesselina Ratcheva and Saadia Zahidi, presents an interesting picture of the “future labour market from the perspective of some of the worlds’s … 100 largest global employers.”[1. Background on the report’s […]