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Climate Change Resources

"We have been living at both the best and worst of times" - The Economics of Biodiversity: The Dasgupta Review.

Will we collectively acknowledge and respond sufficiently, in magnitude and time, to our greatest existential challenges - preservation of the biosphere and mitigation of climate change? Moral conviction and the very existence of our own species require we do so.

We must quickly transcend historical perspectives and ways of life - and work together to solve these problems. I am encouraged with the magnitude, variety and commitment of many professional organizations and individuals directing thought, missions, energies and resources toward these challenges.  Tremendous work, nonetheless, lies ahead of us - with everything at stake.

The information available within categories identified on this page offer links to organizations and resources that provide background and tools - for exploring factors, strategies and initiatives relating to biosphere restoration and climate change.  The nature and organization of these links reflect my perspective as a financial analyst and represent a manner of thinking about solutions.

If you are committed to changing the destinies of our planet and its inhabitants, we are with you.  Your business models, technologies, and development and scaling strategies and activities may be directed toward: carbon extraction and sequestration; building retrofits; clean energy generation, storage and transmission; transportation; industrial power utilization; organic and regenerative agriculture; marine system, forest and wildlife restoration; and / or other impactful targets or centers of activity underlying our life conduct. If so, we wish to help you. Thank you, David.