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Climate – Education

"The grand instructor, time." - Edmund Burke

"If we are to make peace with Nature, which in effect means make peace with ourselves, we each have to serve as both judge and jury.  The checks and balances on our actions need to have an internal source, we cannot rely on others to discipline us into using the biosphere only as far as is justifiable.  That justification has to be provided by us to our personal lives.  And that cannot happen without education.  Which is why the Review concludes with a plea for a transformation of our education systems towards one where children from an early age are encouraged to try to understand the infinitely beautiful tapestry of processes and forms that is Nature.  The realisation that we are embedded in Nature would be a route to an understanding that desecrating Nature is like desecrating our own home.  It is only when we appreciate that we are part of Nature and that Nature nurtures us that we will have fewer needs for reviews of the economics of biodiversity." Section 6.7 - The Primacy of Integrity - The Economics of Biodiversity: The Dasgupta Review.