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Climate – Funding

"Future changes in the structure of ecosystems are likely to be abrupt, as species in a given ecosystem respond to temperatures above their tolerance limits almost simultaneously.  A 2020 study suggests that if we continue on the current trajectory toward 4 degrees Celsius of warming relative to pre-industrial levels, these abrupt shifts will begin before 2030 in tropical seas and by 2050 in tropical forests and higher latitudes. Protected and unprotected areas would be affected equally - temperatures do not observe such boundaries. Therefore, phasing off fossil fuels and shifting to a carbon-neutral society is a sine qua non for preserving the stability and resilience of our life-support systems."

"YES, SOME WILL SAY it's all too expensive; that we cannot afford to make these changes.  That's like saying we cannot afford to save ourselves. It is absurd to even ask whether we should do it or not - unless you are one those trying to make as much money as possible in the casino of the Titanic - after hitting the iceberg."

Enric Sala - The Nature of Nature - Why We Need the Wild