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Education & Training

David Grenat has advised education and training organizations since 1989. He maintains a combination of leadership, capital markets and service delivery perspectives as result of strategic advisory assignments, prior board and senior management responsibilities, his own educational pursuits, teacher licensing and classroom teaching experience. David held multiple K-12 teaching licenses within the State of Indiana from January 2005 to July of 2014. His prior teaching experience includes primary and middle school classrooms – U.S. and International.  David’s assignments have been completed within the following segments of the education and training sector:

  • Career Exploration & Planning
  • Corporate Training
  • Charter Schools
  • Education Materials & Media
  • Educational Software
  • Instructional Management Systems
  • Language Training
  • Learning and Tutorial Centers
  • Postsecondary Student Support Services
  • Private and Public Colleges
  • Public Schools – Primary & Secondary
  • Youth Camps.