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David Grenat, Path Partners’ Founder and Managing Director, has advised organizations across a wide variety of industry sectors, sponsorship structures, organizational development stages and project settings. Prior clients have included privately held businesses, private equity firms, publicly traded companies, non-profit institutions and government agencies.


David’s prior transactional advisory experience, which includes management of mergers and acquisitions, divestitures & sales of companies, recapitalizations, fairness opinions, early-stage and expansion financings, and management buyouts, provides clients a real-world, capital markets view of value. This experienced view informs Path Partners’ delivery of practical and accurate valuation work products.

With respect to tax issue resolutions, David’s prior fair market valuation experience includes, among others, charitable contributions, build-in-gains, estate and gift, check-the-box, worthless stock, stock options, and purchase price allocations.


David’s valuation creation perspective is further informed through his prior participation, as principal, in the initiation, negotiation, financing and purchase of a successful education and training organization and his service, in a leadership role, in helping build the value of that organization post-purchase. In his management capacity, David assisted the organization with respect to strategic planning, long term financial modeling, initiation of acquisition opportunities, evaluation of internal expansion initiatives, follow-on capital formation, and investor relations’ activities. A sale of this particular business was subsequently achieved – generating an outstanding return on investment for sponsors.

David’s clients in tax issue resolution contexts have included taxpayers and their advisors as well as Revenue Agents serving within various U.S. Department of the Treasury / Internal Revenue Service Business Units (including Large Business & International (LB&I), Wage & Income, Tax Exempt & Government Entities, and Small Business / Self Employed) and IRS Estate Tax Attorneys.  He actively participated, as an IRS LB&I Senior Business Appraiser and Financial Analyst, with over one-hundred issue examination and resolution teams during his twelve-year employment with the regulatory agency.


As of December 2023, David had completed 337 formal business valuation review, opinion or transaction advisory assignments with organizations collectively comprising over $1 trillion in enterprise value.