Business Valuation Services
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My parents owned and operated a private company in the Midwestern United States. I understand the paths entrepreneurs travel, and challenges they confront, in building their companies and capturing rewards: launching the venture or buying the business, seizing strategic opportunities and creating value, financing their initiatives and transitioning ownership.

My previous advisory assignments include financial strategy evaluations for business owners – including those considering mergers and acquisitions or sales of their companies.  I have served as principal and senior executive in the purchase, expansion and successful sale of a business.  I recognize, therefore, the key capital market dynamics and internal risk-return factors that largely determine the value of a company.

The accurate valuation of a business always represents a critical analytical element to pursuit and successful implementation of financial strategy.  Path Partners provides independent, objective valuation services to owners of companies contemplating and evaluating capital formation initiatives, mergers and acquisitions, and liquidity alternatives. The firm additionally prepares appraisal reviews and opinions for clients for various income tax and estate and gift tax purposes.

David Grenat, Managing Director, Path Partners LLC