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I have provided transaction advisory and valuation services to a large number of organizations during my career – across varying contexts – including acquisitions and sales of businesses, milestone capital formation events, and material tax issue resolutions.

These assignments have frequently presented complex analytical challenges and demanded innovative solutions to clients’ pressing issues.  Indeed my work has often been completed in settings where participants presented significantly conflicting economic objectives.

Throughout my career, I have consistently relied upon a proven formula for success:

  • Fully comprehend strategic goals underlying the project =>
  • Assemble and thoroughly analyze all relevant data =>
  • Maintain perspectives of respect and fairness to frame reasonable conclusions =>
  • Promote effective process dynamics and provide timely solutions.

Valuation frameworks continue to evolve in fundamental ways.  The deteriorating condition of earth’s natural capital is justifiably receiving increasing attention of consumers, investors, creditors, asset managers and regulators.  More comprehensive approaches to investment decision making and performance measurement are emerging.  I believe unique opportunities await organizations that closely examine, understand, value their operations’ impacts and dependencies upon nature’s assets.  Path Partners endeavors to clearly comprehend these measures and assist clients in their related journeys.

Path Partners’ will also continue manifesting independence and objectivity in addressing clients’ valuation needs by imparting perspectives:

  • Respectful of the planet’s ecosystems,
  • Required of my ethical foundation,
  • Demanded by outstanding credentialing,
  • Reinforced by decades of business experience,
  • Reflective of frontier economic thought, and
  • Supportive of my professional reputation.

Responsiveness, independence, objectivity, fairness and quality advice serve as the backbone of my firm and practice.

I welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

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