Business Valuation Services
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Owners expend substantial resources and energy in building businesses. We choose such paths for many reasons – including achievement of consequential economic dreams. These long paths may present strategic opportunities, capital formation requirements, and other economic challenges for the business or involve life circumstance changes and transitions for owners. The important decision making and actions taken at such milestone events benefit, significantly, from expert advice.

Path Partners provides independent, objective valuation services to owners of companies contemplating and evaluating capital formation initiatives, mergers and acquisitions, and liquidity alternatives.  The firm will additionally assist owners by preparing appraisal reviews and opinions for various income tax and estate and gift tax purposes.

Business Valuations

Path Partners utilizes a range of approaches, methodologies and financial models to assess overall business value, given the specific purpose of the assignment, nature of company and standard of value, among other factors, and efficiently and economically tailors work products to their intended use in transactional evaluation and preparation processes.

Debt | Equity | Derivative Securities

Many business valuation and transactional assignments also require value determinations for specific debt and equity securities, stock options and warrants comprising the company’s capital structure. Path Partners maintains sophisticated value allocation models that benefit clients in such contexts – including venture capital-supported companies possessing complex, multiple-layer equity structures.

Intangible Assets | Intellectual Property

Certain valuation projects must be carried through to the asset level of analysis and reporting. Intangible assets and intellectual property, in particular, comprise a substantial share of many businesses’ asset bases. Path Partners prepares valuation analyses of intangibles assets, including technology, customer base, patents, brand names, trade names, trademarks, name / image / likeness, and others, in licensing transaction and purchase price allocation contexts.

Choose Path Partners’ experience and expertise to accurately address your valuation needs.