Business Valuation Services
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“You have consistently demonstrated the ability to analyze extremely complex financial and business issues and develop accurate models and forecasts to identify effective strategic alternatives. I have worked with many talented financial people over the years and you have without a doubt been the most talented in terms of comprehensive financial skills and having the ability to blend your expertise with practical understanding and experience to provide leadership and insight to operating executives and entrepreneurs. You are hands down the strongest financial expert I have had the privilege to work with over the past thirty years.”
 John C. Aplin, PhD
Managing Director
CID Capital
Indianapolis, Indiana

“You provided comprehensive and sophisticated financial modeling services to our organization to help identify the funding necessary to support our long term plans. You made me stop and consider some very hard questions that needed to be answered. It was a pleasure having discussions with a financial expert that knows our sector so well! Finally, I extend my compliments for your thorough, professional presentations to our management team and prospective investors.”
 Joseph H. Davis
 Past President and CEO
 MedTech Colleges
 Indianapolis, Indiana

“You are adept at providing practical, businessman’s advice in facilitating a transaction process. You understand the key milestones and how to successfully move forward to a closing. Your integrity, patience and perspective were extremely valuable during a difficult negotiation while your vision and grasp of the underlying success factors in the industry helped define the company’s potential and inherent value.”
 John E. Schaefer
 Past Partner
 Boathouse Partners
 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“You accurately evaluated several financial strategy alternatives, from a business valuation standpoint, prior to our successful initial public offering. Your thorough analysis demonstrated a firm grasp of valuation issues impacting the U.S. post-secondary sector.”
 Harry T. Wilkins
 Past Chief Financial Officer
 Strayer Education
 Washington, D.C.

“You quickly organized the numerous activities required to close the transaction and promptly secured an excellent capital partner for our management team. I have experienced four ownership changes during my long tenure with the school and this transaction was the smoothest and most professionally handled.”
  Jim Mathis
 President  and CEO
 Laramie, Wyoming

“You identified and brought to our attention a highly attractive investment opportunity. You also assisted management through the difficult process of a first time buyout while correctly identifying the key due diligence areas that institutional investors need to investigate. You maintain a balanced perspective and the financial experience and drive to structure, negotiate and close complex transactions. You have additionally served as a valuable partner correctly identifying areas of potential weakness as well as core competencies that drive long term value creation.”
 Thomas H. Westbrook
 Managing Partner
 Five Points Capital
 Winston-Salem, North Carolina

“I did not have an accurate picture of the details, time and expertise necessary for the transaction and feel fortunate that I located you. I found your services, coordination and experience an extremely cost effective way for me to “hit the ground running.” Your efforts helped shorten, structure and organize the process so that I could apply my energies to operating and growing our company.”
 John C. Rudnay
 Stone Manufacturing and Supply Company
 Kansas City, Missouri